Sustainability is not a choice

It is about corporate and community imperatives and how it is the critical blueprint to our environmental endgame #sustainability now 

What Is Greenbees

An initiative by The Activation Group (TAG), we are a Green Solutions Agency inspired by the national Green Plan 2030 and driven by our civic duty to help mitigate the climate change crisis. 

We are determined to be Green Enablers, by providing both strategic communications and business solutions that will inspire green-centric corporate and community mindset and actions.  everything.


Green (Marketing) Solutions

We help define and direct your green narratives both internally and externally.

Green Consulting

We offer, through a partnership with RSM’s business advisory division, customised ‘green’ consultancy and ESG reporting solutions that will both complement and reinforce your CSR and CCR efforts as well as your sustainability narratives.

Green Awards

Recognising outstanding efforts and contributions on sustainability is a critical component of our Green Bees ecosystem. We want to publicly acknowledge and applaud these efforts and more importantly, inspire others to follow suit.

Founder’s message

Jacelyn Lee

Founder, Green Bees

I’ve always been mindful of Climate Change but it has always taken a backseat to the business. And then Covid19 happened and my world took a spin. I took a long hard look at myself and my place in this world and knew there were only 2 choices – wait for things to happen or make things happen. I choose the latter and I want to do better. Join me in my (greenbees) flight. 

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Team Greenbees

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