Greenbees Origin

Most of us do not know or understand just how critical bees are to the earth’s ecosystem. We simply cannot live without bees – as critical pollinators: they pollinate 75% of the 100 crop species that feed 90% of the world. 

And those inspire us at TAG, we will strive to cross-pollinate our core practices and expertise to simply do good.

Inspired by the national Green Plan 2030 and driven by our civic duty to help mitigate the climate change crisis, we are setting out to make a stronger, better and greener social and environmental impact.


2021 has already recorded devastating extreme weather and climate events – a signature of human-induced climate change has been identified in the extraordinary North American extreme heat and west European floods.

It is becoming a defining factor in your company’s commercial viability. For companies that are truly eco-friendly, environmental consciousness is entwined throughout every aspect of the company’s identity.

Being a Green Enabler, we provide ideation, communication and business solutions to help inspire and empower both corporations and communities.

GB strives to become the region’s foremost (green) change agent, bringing about a more environmentally sensitive and ecological corporate focus and consumer lifestyle.

Our Vision & Mission

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